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Strathcona specializes in fine printed socks, objects and leisure wear. The brand is recognized for its unique and varied patterns — original works — painted, collaged, photographed or drawn by founder/artist Ryley O'Byrne.

Strathcona Stockings originally launched in 2010 as a collection of limited edition printed socks. The subsequent Ready-to-Wear/Leisure-Wear Line, launched in 2016 under the epithet "Strathcona Weekend Leisure." The original collection was entirely hand made in Canada with 100% custom silks.

Both the Stockings and the Collection are a manifestation of Ryley's concept of fashion, which asserts that it should be functional but not self-serious, ideally existing as a form of expression, art, play, and fantasy. 

All Strathcona’s silk garments are designed and made in Canada, using 100% silk custom printed with our original patterns. The collection further establishes Strathcona's commitment to comfort and quality, as well as ethical practices within fashion and beyond.