Jesse Tree Olives 580 ml

Jesse Tree

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These Jesse Tree Sweet Green Cerignola Olives are crispy and buttery. They are also one of the prettiest and largest olives in the world. These olives are great for stuffing. Great when paired with cheeses, garlic and anchovies.


These Jesse Tree Kalamata olives is naturally cured in sea salt and water. In order to preserve its nutrients and its crispiness. Product of Greece.


The Infornata (Sun-dried) Olives are naturally black, medium-sized olives that are salt and oil-cured and then oven dried. They are quite savoury and versatile. After the curing process they are seasoned and packed in oil.

Peri Peri

The Olives with Peri Peri is a hand-stuffed with spicy red peppers. Brine are used to cured these Spanish Gordal olives to give it a fresh and savory flavor. You can paired them with cheese, bread and a glass of wine. This product can also serve with tapas or eat them right out of the jar for a low-carb treat. This is also a product of Spain.