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About Us

Weinberg's Good Food is a small independently operated store that focuses on Local and Organic foods. We believe everyone has the right to affordable healthy food, that's why we got into this business, to provide healthy food for our own family. It's worked so well that we think we can do it for you too! We also love well made crafts and artisan products, so expect to see some interesting and beautiful hand-made objects as well.

The other thing we love is coffee. We have a beautiful 2 group espresso machine that we're getting warmed up and you can expect some of the best pulls of espresso on the island made from the beans of one of our favorite local roasters, Creekmore's Coffee in Coombs.

We think you'll like it. Weinberg's is also a strong supporter of the community, we want to be active in the community and if we can offer support to your group in some way let us know. We hope to see you soon!